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OCTOBER 25 – DECEMBER 29, 2013

By Stuart Ross
Directed by JC Clementz
Scenic Design: Megan Truscott
Costume Design: Jason Orlenko
Lighting Design: Lee Fiskness
Sound Design: Jon Tanner
Music Director: Dan Kazemi
Choreographer: Maggie Spanuello



"Director JC Clementz and his cast get it, ensuring that this show's many built-in moments of nerdy, klutzy humor — cornball, often dumb and, in a three-minute homage to the vaudevillian roots of "The Ed Sullivan Show," downright inspired — come across as earnest and sweet rather than rehearsed and forced."
- Milwaukee Journal Sentinal

"Director JC Clementz has decided to infuse this play and story with much more humor than you normally see in productions. Make no mistake about it. This play is very, very funny. The number that capsulized the Ed Sullivan show in just over three minutes is about as humorous as it gets. The audience roared [...] This show is about the music and the tight harmonies. Adam Estes, Anand Nagraj, Nate Lewellyn, and Paul Helm blend like they've been doing this for years rather than just a few weeks. They've got the look, the sound and the Temptation Walk steps down perfectly. [...] If you like great music and lots of laughs, 'Forever Plaid' delivers with a 'cloud of warm sound.'"
- On Milwaukee

"JC Clementz directs with a fine eye toward the humor of Stuart Ross’ book, mining the harmonic convergence of his actors, especially lighthearted tunes like “Gotta Be This or That” and a wonderful doo-woppish cover of the Beatles “She Loves You.” This foursome also does the serious stuff just as well, hitting its mark with the finale, “Love is a Many Splendored Thing.” With this highly entertaining production of Forever Plaid, Heaven can wait. This brief interlude from the afterlife is 90 minutes long (No intermission. Hey! It’s the afterlife). But the close-knit harmonies and musical remembrances of more innocent times are timeless."

-Shepherd Express

"Director JC Clementz, a Rep Artistic Associate, ably commands these four incredibly gifted men: Adam Estes, Paul Helm, Nate Lewellyn and Anand Nagraj. While each actor has their moments, funny and poignant, in musical numbers, Helm's facial expressions, gestures, and stage fright as Jinx revs up the comic timing and energizes the four guys, all equally appealing. Colleen Schmidt provides the feminine heartthrob along with her prodigious talents on the keyboard, accompanying the four men on the piano. [...] A perfect antidote to any holiday overload, The Rep's exceptional reprise of Forever Plaid will make an audience forever glad they came for the evening."

-Broadway World

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