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NOVEMBER 9, 2018 – JANUARY 13, 2019

Conceived by Fran Charnas
Directed by JC Clementz
Scenic Design: Arnel V. Sancianco
Costume Design: Jason Orlenko
Lighting Design: Marisa Abbott
Sound Design: Eric Bachus
Music Director: Dan Kazemi

The All Night Strut!: Text
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"From the very first moments of JC Clementz’s high-energy, higher-spirited revue The All Night Strut, the signal is given that the audience is in for a ride. [...] It’s two hours of sparkling, fizzy, captivating entertainment, all thanks to a quintet who one could swear have been touring together for years."

- Splash Magazine Chicago

"Powerful voices combined with dazzling instrumental performances are at the heart of The All Night Strut! The impressive cast of Brian Russell Carey, Kelley Faulkner, Nygel D. Robinson, Jonathan Spivey and Katherine Thomas prove their amazing versatility as performers who can truly do it all.  This multi-talented cast sparkles like champagne flowing into a stunning crystal flute."

-Showbiz Chicago

"[...] superbly directed by JC Clementz. This fast-paced, high energy show packs nearly two dozen songs into a performance that clocks in just shy of two hours. The All Night Strut! is just the ticket for those who want to rekindle memories of that era."

-Shepherd Express

"What sets the revue above what you can create in your home parlor – or what even Hollywood tried to pretend home-grown instrumentalists could create in parlors like the one in Meet Me in St. Louis and other sentimental journeys — are the vocal and other ingratiating skills of the five performers trading instruments, props and harmonies with remarkable speed and accuracy."

- Urban Milwaukee

"Try, just try, to get through the Milwaukee Repertory Theatre’s Stackner Cabaret presentation of The All Night Strut! which opened Sunday, without tapping your feet and bobbing along to the tunes."

- Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

The All Night Strut!: Text
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