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NOVEMBER 10, 2017 – JANUARY 14, 2018

Book and Music by Joe Kinosian | Book and Lyrics by Kellen Blair
Directed by JC Clementz
Scenic Design: Regina Garcia
Costume Design: Misti Bradford
Lighting Design: Lee Fiskness
Sound Design: Megan Henninger
Music Director: Dan Kazemi
Choreographer: Kelley Faulkner

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Forget murder spoofs such as “The Mystery of Irma Vep.”  Here, [Joe] Kinosian embodies multiple suspects with nary a costume change and only a few props.  This is prodigiously energetic, pure-bred physical comedy bolstered by some terrific showmanship at the piano, delivered at a breakneck pace under JC Clementz’s direction.

– Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

It doesn’t really matter “who dun it” since the show’s comic genius lies in Kinosian’s dizzying display of playing all 13 suspects—changing moment to moment using a multitude of voices, walks and props. Even a nonverbal glance lets us know who’s talking—often with the audience in an uproar of laughter ... Director JC Clementz, a Stackner Cabaret veteran, adds to his growing list of successes, maintaining a level of high-energy and quick comic pacing throughout the comical chaos.

– Shepherd Express

“Murder for Two” at the Milwaukee Rep is, without a doubt, the remedy for any stress that you might feel in your life. It’s the perfect cure for what ails you, except for the side effect of laughter while trying to drive home. Take an Uber ... [The audience] leapt to their feet at the conclusion of opening night’s performance, a stunning surprise because I could hardly believe people had the energy to jump up after the almost constant laughter from the first joke to the final note. 

-Dave Begel on Theater

Named as part of the best of the 2017 Milwaukee theater season: "A distinct thrill of live theater is watching performers do the seemingly impossible, right in front of you. Much of the appeal of "Murder for Two" is the ridiculous skill involved for two actors to embody a full cast of characters in a silly whodunit, accompany themselves on the piano while they sing and interact with the crowd – all at break-neck speed. In this perfect show for the Stackner Cabaret, Matt Edmonds and Joe Kinosian not only accomplish this comic juggling act, they do it with aplomb." 

- On Milwaukee

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